Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday, March 2nd

What a beautiful day. First it rains, it pours, it's sunny? Oh wait, it rains again. You can tell that spring has finally begun to arrive in the Bay Area.

And did anyone feel the earthquakes throughout the day yesterday? I know most people probably thoughth the ground was shaking from laughter caused by the talented hosts of Free FM, but there were three separate incidences yesterday- two during the 11am hour and one at 10:08pm last night. The quakes were centered just ESE of Berkeley, but I hear folks as far as Orinda, San Francisco and El Sobrante were rocking to more than 106.9 yesterday. You can catch up on the latest earthquake news at the U.S. Geological Survey:

Now that we've covered the weather, here's what went on today from 10am-2pm on the show:

Turi Ryder sits behind the mic today with a number of interesting topics to discuss.

10am- Status symbols, possessions with a message. What sorts of things do we buy, just for the status or message they represent? We often buy "stuff" that doesn't have fantastic monetary value or re-sale value, but means a whole lot because of what it says about us.

Turi brings up the Toyota Prius. Recent reports show that the Toyota depreciates in value faster than an SUV guzzles a tank of gas, but she say many people buy them less for the value of the car and more for the message the car sends about it's owner- eco-conscious consumer, conscientious commuter and a part of the environmentally friendly elite community.

If you didn't get a chance to call in with your thoughts on this topic, please leave a comment on the blog and tell us what items you would add to the list.

Later in the show, Turi talks about newfound discoveries concerning the federal Administration and -gulp- lying! This brings up the statistic that we lie, on average, 25 times a day! From explaining why you didn't make it to the office birthday party to how you're "almost done" wraping up the Johnson file to how you're "right in the middle of something" and can't talk on the phone, many of us lie throughout the day without even realizing it. Maybe those little white lies make your life easier. Turi tackles the best strategies for lying with help from the listeners.

What's your best strategy for lying? Can you keep a straight face? Do you memorize the details or keep it general and vague? Who do you lie to and does it work? Let us know in our blog comments!

Turi wrapped up the show today with a look at the upcoming Oscars to be hosted by John Stewart of The Daily Show. There are a ton of movies up for awards that we all loved this past year- Brokeback Mountain, Crash, Corpse Bride, and a bunch of other great plot lines that strayed outside of Hollywood's mainstream boy-meets-girl-meets-funny family incident-recovers from embarrassement-wins-everyone-over-happily-ever-after storylines. Its fantastic to see the diversity of characters, portrayal of non-traditional relationships, and creativity that is represented in the line-up for this year. And for the first time ever, a hip hop song is up for nomination and will be included in the live performances at the awards show (“It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” from“Hustle & Flow”). Who do you think will win and who do you hope will take home a little golden man this year?

Thanks for tuning in today. Check out the show as always tomorrow at 10am on 106.9 Free FM.