Tuesday, February 21, 2006

YAWN! What a long weekend!

Well we're back! My first president's day was great!

10:00 Hour
Darian opens the show with a discussion on Michael Morales, the death row inmate that dodged his execution when the anesthesiologists refused to take part.

Here is a link to the story

A lot of people called in and were furious that he was given another day. Many people called in and claimed that the drug Soldium Pentathol would knock him unconscious in a few minutes and he would not feel any pain.

All of the callers seemed to agree that the 25 years he spent in prison was far too long.

11:00 Hour
We then started discussing an Amtrak employee that was fired after trying to help a passenger who was falling down the stairs when he was trying to disembark from the train.

Here is a link to the story

We had a number of callers phone in with stories about trying to help people an getting in fired, sued or beat up for their efforts.

Michael from Berkley called in, he's a law student and claimed that the best thing to do when someone is in trouble is to do nothing. He said he has seen thousands of cases where the people that have stepped in, saved a life and were sued. So what do you do? Help or let it go?

Mike from San Francisco called in who is a paramedic and said that he came upon an accident where a woman was bleeding to death in her car while approx. 15 people stood around chatting on their cell phone and not helping the woman, he got in there and was performing CPR when she died in his arms. He said it was horrible as he was yelling and asking for help but no one came to help.

12:00 Hour

Pay no attention to my grammar as I type...lol

Hello to all of the nooners that jump in during their lunch hour. We started the discussion with a student that received a low grade on a paper and his professor asked for "more smarter writing".

Perhaps we can give out free copies of School House Rock

People called in like mad on this discussion:

"Lemmie ax you something"
"and like then she goes"
"it's those ones"
"I'm fustrated"
"I feel disorientated."

Then we started discussing pre-nups and post nups after Nick decided to ask Jessica for spousal support.

We started discussing Travis Frey, the 33 year old man wanted for kidnapping his own wife and also child pornography charges - nice guy.Prior to getting married, he provided a pre-nup to his girlfreind that she refused to sign, that outlined her "wifely duties"

You can check out the entire sick document here.