Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Storm and Power Outage

10:00 HOUR

Chad here Blogging away while Turi fills in for Darian. After the wind and rain storms, 80 000 people were left without power. Turi said that men LOVE to pull out and use equipment. Regardless of what it is, they love to pull it out and use it. I tend to agree. Every guy has a fantasy to be the hero during a disaster. I fantisize about how I would handle a zombie attack. I think that's why I liked "Shawn of The Dead" so much. "Don't forget to kill Phillip."

Kirk in San Jose called in, he's a former Marine and said that he and his buddy take women out camping and they bring all of their gear, spearguns and fish for fresh lobster and really impress the women. All women LOVE this stuff.

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11:00 Hour
Dating Woes and Differences of Opinion

Have you been out with someone and thought you were on a date when it was just friends?

It sure did happen to me. When I was 14 years old I had a HUGE crush on a girl named Laura. It was the 80's so she was always decked in in Ralph Lauren and deck shoes. She worked at the library, being a huge nerd I saw her quite a bit. I NEVER had the nerve to ask her out. Until one day I was riding in an elevator - 11 years later. A woman stepped on and she was cute. She looked at me and said. "Hey, you're Chad right?" I realized it was my old flame Laura. Whew. She then asked if I wanted to go out to dinner - I said Hell ya! She asked me to meet her at a Raw Oyster Bar. I was all over it. Turned out, she just wanted to catch up, my moves were shot down like Maverick and Goose.

Here's a photo of her today. We did become really good friends and she married a really great guy that I spent some time drinking with. They make a great couple and I wish them all the best.

Here it is High Noon

Cooking - Can A Man Be Sexy When Cooking?

Wow, overwhelmingly people are saying yes! Guys are calling in and saying that women LOVE guys who can cook.

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