Thursday, February 16, 2006

Patrice O'Neal Steals The Show!!

10:00 Hour
Patrice O'Neal is a maniac.

And I mean that in a good way. The show started off with a rendition of "Cheney's got a gun" as Patrice O'Neal entered the studio. Darian was teasing him for drinking a diet Dr. Pepper. Patrice chumped on her saying its because he's a diabetic.

The two had a blast butting heads over free speech, satellite radio and self-promotion.

Patrice kept her laughing through tears for the hour. You can see him at the Punchline Comedy Club on Battery Street. Vist the website here.

You can visit his personal webiste here.

11:00 Hour
We started discussing Scott Dyleski, the young man accusted of murdering Pamela Vitale. He was in court yesterday and evidence came up where a list that was discovered in his dresser drawer. The list appeared to be a cold, calculating list of the fate that Pamela Vitale would ultimatly meet.

The handwriten list that read "Knockout/kidnap, question, keep captive to confirm PIN, dirty work, and dispose of body (cut up and bury)"

The discussion opened up on whether or not at 17 if Dyleski can get the death penalty. Many people felt no sympathy for the young man and said that he should be death.

Mos Def has been ordered to pay 10K per month in child support. He's been paying 8K per month since it was ordered by the courts but has not been able to pay it all because he has three other children with another woman. Since he has been getting press for his new movie with Bruce Willis, his ex wife has been pressuring him for more money.

Darian stated that often times child support is used as a weapon by vindictive women as a tool to hurt their ex-husbands. Darian said that if a guy has to give a woman money every month for their children, she should have to provide recipts as to what she is spending the money on. It's only fair that the husband knows where the money is going...

Wow, this really got wild. A lot of bitter men and women called in with thier own stories to tell on this subject.

We also discussed that Kevin Nealon will be in the studio tomorrow and we will be visiting John London's Inferno at 5pm tomorrow for the music bed draft. If anyone has any MP3 files that they would like to send for us to use as bed music please email them along.

1:00 PM

We then got into the discussion regarding a website called a database where women can enter a profile on an ex boyfriend or husband where you can tell all, cheating, lying, you can say anything you want about these guys. The information is stored on the website and other women can search the site for your name and see what other women say about you.

What!? Only women would create a busy-body gossip website that requires no substantiation of the facts prior to posting anything on this website. I wonder if a man will ever sue for libel?

Many people called in with stories of women pointing the finger at them for things that they haven't done. Ron called in from Livermore, he had an injury on the job and a stroke, while he was healing, his wife was having multiple affairs and spending his disability money on other men.