Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's a Beautiful Morning!!


We started off the day with a vist from comedian and writer Louis CK. He's playing at Cobb's tonight, 8pm.

You can visit Cobb's Online here.

Check him out tonight!

11:00 Hour
When is it time to take a break in the relationship? It was recently reported that Hollywood couple Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe are back together and doing well. Did they just need a little time apart?

We had a number of callers that have been in relationships where a break worked out for them.

12:00 Hour Noon

We opened up the hour with a discussion regarding a restaurant in Berkely that has been accused of discrimination - seating African Americans and heavy people at the back of the restaurant.

We had a number of people call in with their own stories of discrimination.

1:00 Hour

We started discussing the 8 people that worked in a meat packing plant who split the 365 million dollar Powerball Jackpot.

A lot of people called in with some great stories as to what they would do with the money.

Then we started to discuss K-Fed and his new found "friend" in Hawaii. Here's a few pics of the two of them together.