Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Bloody Valentine's Day

Hey everyone! It's Valentine's Day! Chad here, plugging away at the website. Here's today's Show:

We opened with a discussion on Valentine's Day with comedian Greg Behrendt. He's playing at Cobb's Comedy Club.


Here's a list of Greg's professional credentials:

Greg discussed his role in the movie Jerry Maguire, it was cut out but ended up in the deleted scenes on the DVD.

We then started discussing guys who are married with a girlfriend on the side and how they handle Valentine's Day. We've had a number of guys call in over the last few months that are unhappily married but don't want get a divorce because they are afraid to lose their house, their business, their kids, so they have a girlfriend on the side.

How do they handle Valentine's Day? Who do you choose to take with you on Valentine's Day?

Paul from Oakland called in and confessed that a few years ago he was the one that on Valentine's day spray painted Darian's Billboard a few years ago.

Guys started calling in with Valentine's Day ideas. Dan called in and suggested a really cheap way to make a great valentines gift is to make a few heart-shaped pancakes and put whipped cream and strawberries on it. Says it's great and cheap.

Aw, Doug in Mountain view called in and found out that his girl was cheating on him and found a guy that she called "A Better Catch" than he was. Ouch. She was also corresponding with an inmate in prison behind his back...oooooo

Jay in Berkley said that if you have a woman on the side, you can only lie to one of them - not both. You need to lie to one and let the other one in on what is going on for real.

Nate called in and promised a great story and delivered! He was living with a woman that was cheating him in his own bed! He's moving out at the end of the month but he bought a bunch of Valentine's Day gifts and left them out for her to see. She started to cry and ask "Where these for me?" He said they were for someone else...SNAP!


Welcome to all of our lunchtime listeners!

Wow, here is a story that really heated up the discussion. A woman walked into a police station claiming that she was kidnapped, raped by 6 men at gunpoint and videotaped.

Here's a link to the story:
Warning: the content of the story is very graphic. This woman was discussing things that would make a pornstar blush. By clicking on the link, you are assuming responsibility for following this link and are aware of the nature of the content. I AM OVER 18

Many of the callers felt that the punishment for the men if convicted of rape, kidnapping, assault etc., these six men could have ended up in prison for the rest of their lives - if she is convicted, she can serve up to six months. She went to a rape crisis center and took money, she wasted police time. She should have to serve the time that these guys would have served if they were convicted.

Many people called in with their own stories about being falsely accoused of a number of crimes. Wow! There are some seriously bitter women out there.

One O'Clock
Then we started discussing a story about a guy that was fired for playing a game of solitaire. A civil servant was let go when NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was visiting and saw it on the screen.

Jean in San Rafael loves to smoke some pot on the job. He installs phones for a living and actually fell asleep in someone's backyard with their dog.