Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good Morning!

10:00 Hour

We were shocked to hear that Morales made it through another night. The judge ruled that killing him with a lethal dose of sodium pentathol was ok, however, it had to be administered by a doctor, nurse or dentist.

So now it's ok to kill someone as long at it is done by someone who swore to not kill anyone....
We discussed Morales quite a bit yesterday. Darian wanted to bring the update to the listening audience.

We then got into a story about a man that clubbed his roomate to death with a hammer after they ran out of toilet paper. The guy was so brutally beaten that he had to be identified by his fingerprints.

You can read the story here

We had a number of callers phone in with some really bad roomate horror stories.

11:00 Hour

Peter Greenberg from the Free FM show Travel Today stopped in for a vist with Darian. The two discussed trvel ideas and travel tips. We had a great time with Peter who can be heard on 106.9 Free FM Saturdays from 11am to 1.

You can read more about Peter here

We then began a conversation on a group of people in New Mexico who were allowed to use a hallucinogenic tea in their ceremonies.

Feelin' Pot Pot Pot
We got into a discussion on whether or not religion should supercede federal law. We are allowing people access to illegal drugs for religious purposes but some people can't get pot who could really benefit from it who are seriously ill.

Max called in and said that he LOVES the pot and pot is not addictive. A few moments later Michael's mother called in and said that Max is lazy because of pot and it's holding him back.

We had a number of callers that were on both sides of the fence on this and it was a lot of fun.

Here's a link to the story

Sleeping two hours a night
We then found a story about a new pill that should be released on the market soon that will allow you to sleep only two hours a night and be completly rested. Would you want to extend your day to a 22 hour day? Listeners said "No!"

You can find the story here

Hazing - When does it go too far?
We then got into a story about the hazing that took place during a hazing in Nevada. People were calling in with some stories on hazing. Some of the callers had some great stories about hazing.

We had callers that had some normal experiences and some others that had some bad ones.

You're Ugly and The Internet Dresses You Funny

Kevin McCormick has a problem. He can't choose what to wear. He did what anyone would do...ask for help from total strangers. He started the website