Monday, February 27, 2006

Darian O'Toole is Sick

Well, we all knew that. Turi will be filling in for Darian while she is on the mend. Thanks for all of the emails and calls.

10:00 Hour

Turi opened the show commenting on the heavy rain that was falling in the city. There were a number of minor accidents and fender benders in the streets and Turi commented on having a minor accident that she needs to report.

She mentioned that she had some additional work on the car that needed repair and that she was perhaps tempted to add this work to the claim.

Jesus, Carol the goody-two-shoes in Redwood City called in and said that she would never cheat them. She also said that if a cashier gives her a large coke if she paid for a small one, she brings it to their attention.

When asked if she would turn in her friends if they were making false claims, she said "My friends would never do that. I pick my friends who think like me."

Matt in Emeryville called in and told a story about his friend who borrowed his car and brought it back with a huge black scratch on the bumper. He got $1300 for the incident, and then was able to take a rag and wipe it off. He then gave $400 to his friend that was driving the car.

11:00 Hour

Bode Miller "Rocked The Olympics"

Turi then started speaking about Bode Miller and his Olympic performance.

We asked the question "Is Bode Miller going to come back or is he is on the way to the bottom?"

We were trying to figure out if she was a beautiful girl or hard-core skank. What do you think?


From bad boy Bode to Kid Rock and Scott Stapp. The two were involved in a sex video that they made with four strippers. Wow Scott - didn't you used to front a Christain Rock band? GO TO CONFESSION!

Marcus said that he would not want to watch the video - that there are many places to see four naked chicks and NOT see Scott Stapp and Kid Rock.

We started talking about bad boys and why women always chase after the bad boys.

Wow, one caller phoned in to say that he has seen the video...well HALF of the video. Hmm, we're not sure why he suddenly lost interest in the video half way through.

Then the discussion turned to Girls Gone Wild. Turi was unaware that the girls in the video were actual college students.

1:00 Hour
Gift Cards - The Profit Windfall

Turi was speaking about gift cards that people give at Christmas time. Many times there is money that never gets used on it so retailers get an additional profit of about 10% annually.

Many people have these gift cards in their wallet and will never use them. One caller phoned in and said that there is a law in California that states gift cards and certificates that have a cash value, cannot expire.

Another caller phoned in with information about gift cards that you can use on parking meters.

A new website is out called if you have a gift certificate and want to trade with someone else.