Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Darian is having a blast backstage at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. Today Darian caught up with Kato Kailen- host of the new courtroom tv show "An Eye for an Eye", Dennis Hoff- infamous owner of the Bunnyranch in Nevada, featured in the HBO series "Cathouse," the crew from Desperate Housewives, the cast of "Beauty and the Geek," and rocker Rick Springfield as well as many other guests and stars gearing up for the Grammy's!

Dennis Hoff offered Darian a complimentary visit to the Bunnyranch, as well as a meeting with the winning contestant in the Bunnyranch search for its newest girl! Chad, unfortunately, isn't invited!

Arnold-The Governator- stopped backstage to chat with Darian. You can take the Arnold out of Hollywood, but you can't take the Hollywood out of Ah-nold!

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