Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney's Got A Gun

Good Morning! Chad here with the Darian O'Toole Show Blog.
10:00 Hour:
We opened the show discussing VP Dick Cheney and the hunting incident. Tempers flared as we discussed the merits of hunting today.

Not a surprise, people were divided on this like the gap in Madonna's teeth.

Many people who called in said that hunting is barbaric and unnecessary in the 21st century.

Other people called in and said that people who are poor use hunting as a way to feed themselves - poor people or in remote areas.

Nick in San Francisco called in and said that it's a way to control the animal population.

We then played a song entitled "Cheney's got a gun" You can download it here. Thanks to Bob Rivers for the song!

Wow, things really heated up on this conversation! It was a great discussion, but I fear that nothing was resolved...

11:00 Hour

We got into a discussion on a study that shows money doesn't buy happiness. It showed that people who had a larger income were more prone to depression, while people with lesser incomes were more satisfied with their lives.

Andrew in Marin called and said that money CAN bring you happiness, it can help you travel all over the world, you can improve your education.

Many of the callers believed that that the happiest moments in their life were when they were younger and poor; living a college lifestyle, drinking, partying and spending time with their friends.

Steve from Los Gatos called in. He was a tow truck driver that won the lottery. He said that he is set for life but wants to make sure his kids grow up and understand the value of a dollar and not be spoiled, he said he will make them go to school and learn to take care of themselves.

Jay in Berkeley called and said that money is am amplifier - if you are a good person, money can help you become a better person. If you are a bad person, money will make you a worse person.

Chad in San Jose said that money is not important when you are a young man because the women at that age don't have any money either, but as an older man, women expect you to have money.

High Noon
We got into a discussion about some cops in the mid-west that were visiting massage parlors undercover. They claim that they HAD to have sex with the women in the massage parlor in order to gather evidence to prosecute them.

Darian promised that she would do a show on bad cops. She's taken some flak from people claiming that she is one sided when she is discussing the police. So Darian decided to do a show on bad cops. The phones opened up with a lot of calls with different experiences.

Pam called in and said that she had a number of experiences with police and racial profiling, especially when she lived in Utah.

Dave in San Jose called in and said that in his experiences if you are honest with the cops and answer their questions, you will have less trouble with them and not be harassed.

Disoto called in. He's a black guy from Oakland who was young and came into some money and bought a Firebird. He was pulled over once for "looking like he was too young to own the car"

Jerry in Hayward was pulled over in his new Bronco. He was pulled over and the police ignored Jerry who was driving and asked his black brother in law what they were up to. The two men were going on a fishing trip. The police officer pulled the brother in law out of the car and ran a warrant check on him, turned out that he had a warrant outstanding from ten years back for fishing without a license...

A discussion came up...well not really a discussion but we were going over the music draft that will take place on the John London's Inferno this Friday at 5:00pm. Darian is looking forward to it although she has no idea what going on...

We then got into a new drug therapy that can prolong the life of patients with cancer. However, the drug companies want to charge 100 000 dollars a year for the drug treatment. Are they claiming it's for research and development? No, they are claiming that if you want to live, there is a great value for this drug. Sounds to me like they are ripping people off for profit.

Here is the story

We have a number of people calling in with issues with health care, with expensive meds for their children.

Jacob called in and said that on right winged radio staions they are always talking about the free market needing to be left alone and it will take care of itself, but in this case, it seems that he can't even celebrate the discovery of this new drug because he knows he will never be able to afford it.

We then discussed Dr. Frederick Banting, he discovered insulin in 1921. He could have been a millionaire one hundred times over, but he sold the rights for one dollar and saved millions of lives. Could you do this? Could you give away something that would make you a millionaire?