Friday, February 17, 2006

The Big Friday Showdown!!

10:00 Hour - Norm MacDonald

Well, as 5PM approaches and the Music bed draft grows closer, Darian is feeling the pressure. Marcus was playing a few of the bed music samples and Darian was choosing her favorites.

Norm MacDonald stopped by and quickly lightened the conversation with a discussion of death. Mike called in and said that it was ironic that Norm played the voice of death on The Family Guy and has an obsession with death.

You can catch Norm tonight and Saturday at The San Jose Improv.

Norm then went on to describe his trip where he and his friend went to join the army and he was asked if he had ever taken any drugs. Norm said "Oh yeah. I've done pot. Nothing stronger than that." The guy said "Well maybe I never heard you right. Lemmie ask you again. Have you ever taken any drugs before?" Norm thought to himself. "OK well now they want me to be even more honest. So I said - yeah I do pot."

11:00 Kevin Nealon Showed up and shared some time with Norm

They were discussing the days of SNL and playing the Weekend Update Newscasters. Both men paid homage to the other for their work at the anchor desk.

Kevin told a story about how Jennifer Anniston used to be a cute hostess at a restaurant he used to frequent.

High Noon

Wow, noon got here quickly. With Norm MacDonald, Kevin Nealon, and Michael Gerbart. The conversation was...well not really focused at all...Norm and Kevin spent a lot of time discussing poker and golf.

Jim in Sunnyvale called in and mentioned he overheard we had a show on Tamara Anne Moonier, the woman who claimed she was raped at gunpoint and filmed by a group of up to 6 men, then released.

You can read the original story here

Warning: the content of the story is very graphic. This woman was discussing things that would make a pornstar blush. By clicking on the link, you are assuming responsibility for following this link and are aware of the nature of the content. I AM OVER 18

Next we brought up a story about a woman that was given one year in prison after 18 felony counts of molestation on minors and was able to work during the day at her family's movie production company.

You can read the entire story here

A lot of callers chimed in on the discussion. Some claimed that 42% of all rape cases are false, some said that she got such an easy sentencing because she was a women, and others said it was her father's political connections that get her such a light sentence.