Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Storm and Power Outage

10:00 HOUR

Chad here Blogging away while Turi fills in for Darian. After the wind and rain storms, 80 000 people were left without power. Turi said that men LOVE to pull out and use equipment. Regardless of what it is, they love to pull it out and use it. I tend to agree. Every guy has a fantasy to be the hero during a disaster. I fantisize about how I would handle a zombie attack. I think that's why I liked "Shawn of The Dead" so much. "Don't forget to kill Phillip."

Kirk in San Jose called in, he's a former Marine and said that he and his buddy take women out camping and they bring all of their gear, spearguns and fish for fresh lobster and really impress the women. All women LOVE this stuff.

Where do you get this stuff?
Try this link

Looking for something for your car?
Try this link

Want to Survive a Natural Disaster?
Try this link

11:00 Hour
Dating Woes and Differences of Opinion

Have you been out with someone and thought you were on a date when it was just friends?

It sure did happen to me. When I was 14 years old I had a HUGE crush on a girl named Laura. It was the 80's so she was always decked in in Ralph Lauren and deck shoes. She worked at the library, being a huge nerd I saw her quite a bit. I NEVER had the nerve to ask her out. Until one day I was riding in an elevator - 11 years later. A woman stepped on and she was cute. She looked at me and said. "Hey, you're Chad right?" I realized it was my old flame Laura. Whew. She then asked if I wanted to go out to dinner - I said Hell ya! She asked me to meet her at a Raw Oyster Bar. I was all over it. Turned out, she just wanted to catch up, my moves were shot down like Maverick and Goose.

Here's a photo of her today. We did become really good friends and she married a really great guy that I spent some time drinking with. They make a great couple and I wish them all the best.

Here it is High Noon

Cooking - Can A Man Be Sexy When Cooking?

Wow, overwhelmingly people are saying yes! Guys are calling in and saying that women LOVE guys who can cook.

Want to see a list of foods that can help increase your libido?
Try this link

Monday, February 27, 2006

Darian O'Toole is Sick

Well, we all knew that. Turi will be filling in for Darian while she is on the mend. Thanks for all of the emails and calls.

10:00 Hour

Turi opened the show commenting on the heavy rain that was falling in the city. There were a number of minor accidents and fender benders in the streets and Turi commented on having a minor accident that she needs to report.

She mentioned that she had some additional work on the car that needed repair and that she was perhaps tempted to add this work to the claim.

Jesus, Carol the goody-two-shoes in Redwood City called in and said that she would never cheat them. She also said that if a cashier gives her a large coke if she paid for a small one, she brings it to their attention.

When asked if she would turn in her friends if they were making false claims, she said "My friends would never do that. I pick my friends who think like me."

Matt in Emeryville called in and told a story about his friend who borrowed his car and brought it back with a huge black scratch on the bumper. He got $1300 for the incident, and then was able to take a rag and wipe it off. He then gave $400 to his friend that was driving the car.

11:00 Hour

Bode Miller "Rocked The Olympics"

Turi then started speaking about Bode Miller and his Olympic performance.

We asked the question "Is Bode Miller going to come back or is he is on the way to the bottom?"

We were trying to figure out if she was a beautiful girl or hard-core skank. What do you think?


From bad boy Bode to Kid Rock and Scott Stapp. The two were involved in a sex video that they made with four strippers. Wow Scott - didn't you used to front a Christain Rock band? GO TO CONFESSION!

Marcus said that he would not want to watch the video - that there are many places to see four naked chicks and NOT see Scott Stapp and Kid Rock.

We started talking about bad boys and why women always chase after the bad boys.

Wow, one caller phoned in to say that he has seen the video...well HALF of the video. Hmm, we're not sure why he suddenly lost interest in the video half way through.

Then the discussion turned to Girls Gone Wild. Turi was unaware that the girls in the video were actual college students.

1:00 Hour
Gift Cards - The Profit Windfall

Turi was speaking about gift cards that people give at Christmas time. Many times there is money that never gets used on it so retailers get an additional profit of about 10% annually.

Many people have these gift cards in their wallet and will never use them. One caller phoned in and said that there is a law in California that states gift cards and certificates that have a cash value, cannot expire.

Another caller phoned in with information about gift cards that you can use on parking meters.

A new website is out called www.certificateswap.com if you have a gift certificate and want to trade with someone else.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Weekend!

Hi everyone.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. We've got an exciting week coming up at 106.9 Free FM. Be sure to stop by our station website at www.1069freefm.com and check out all the station blogs, the new Adam Carolla Las Vegas Giveaway Contest, and our awesome photo galleries. We just posted pictures of some of the great guests I've had on the show recently- Louis CK, Norm MacDonald, Kevin Nealon and Patrice O' Neil.

Enjoy the weekend and catch me on the air Monday from 10am to 2pm- The Darian O' Toole Show.



Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's a Beautiful Morning!!


We started off the day with a vist from comedian and writer Louis CK. He's playing at Cobb's tonight, 8pm.

You can visit Cobb's Online here.

Check him out tonight!

11:00 Hour
When is it time to take a break in the relationship? It was recently reported that Hollywood couple Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe are back together and doing well. Did they just need a little time apart?

We had a number of callers that have been in relationships where a break worked out for them.

12:00 Hour Noon

We opened up the hour with a discussion regarding a restaurant in Berkely that has been accused of discrimination - seating African Americans and heavy people at the back of the restaurant.

We had a number of people call in with their own stories of discrimination.

1:00 Hour

We started discussing the 8 people that worked in a meat packing plant who split the 365 million dollar Powerball Jackpot.

A lot of people called in with some great stories as to what they would do with the money.

Then we started to discuss K-Fed and his new found "friend" in Hawaii. Here's a few pics of the two of them together.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good Morning!

10:00 Hour

We were shocked to hear that Morales made it through another night. The judge ruled that killing him with a lethal dose of sodium pentathol was ok, however, it had to be administered by a doctor, nurse or dentist.

So now it's ok to kill someone as long at it is done by someone who swore to not kill anyone....
We discussed Morales quite a bit yesterday. Darian wanted to bring the update to the listening audience.

We then got into a story about a man that clubbed his roomate to death with a hammer after they ran out of toilet paper. The guy was so brutally beaten that he had to be identified by his fingerprints.

You can read the story here

We had a number of callers phone in with some really bad roomate horror stories.

11:00 Hour

Peter Greenberg from the Free FM show Travel Today stopped in for a vist with Darian. The two discussed trvel ideas and travel tips. We had a great time with Peter who can be heard on 106.9 Free FM Saturdays from 11am to 1.

You can read more about Peter here

We then began a conversation on a group of people in New Mexico who were allowed to use a hallucinogenic tea in their ceremonies.

Feelin' Pot Pot Pot
We got into a discussion on whether or not religion should supercede federal law. We are allowing people access to illegal drugs for religious purposes but some people can't get pot who could really benefit from it who are seriously ill.

Max called in and said that he LOVES the pot and pot is not addictive. A few moments later Michael's mother called in and said that Max is lazy because of pot and it's holding him back.

We had a number of callers that were on both sides of the fence on this and it was a lot of fun.

Here's a link to the story

Sleeping two hours a night
We then found a story about a new pill that should be released on the market soon that will allow you to sleep only two hours a night and be completly rested. Would you want to extend your day to a 22 hour day? Listeners said "No!"

You can find the story here

Hazing - When does it go too far?
We then got into a story about the hazing that took place during a hazing in Nevada. People were calling in with some stories on hazing. Some of the callers had some great stories about hazing.

We had callers that had some normal experiences and some others that had some bad ones.

You're Ugly and The Internet Dresses You Funny

Kevin McCormick has a problem. He can't choose what to wear. He did what anyone would do...ask for help from total strangers. He started the website www.dresskevin.com.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

YAWN! What a long weekend!

Well we're back! My first president's day was great!

10:00 Hour
Darian opens the show with a discussion on Michael Morales, the death row inmate that dodged his execution when the anesthesiologists refused to take part.

Here is a link to the story

A lot of people called in and were furious that he was given another day. Many people called in and claimed that the drug Soldium Pentathol would knock him unconscious in a few minutes and he would not feel any pain.

All of the callers seemed to agree that the 25 years he spent in prison was far too long.

11:00 Hour
We then started discussing an Amtrak employee that was fired after trying to help a passenger who was falling down the stairs when he was trying to disembark from the train.

Here is a link to the story

We had a number of callers phone in with stories about trying to help people an getting in fired, sued or beat up for their efforts.

Michael from Berkley called in, he's a law student and claimed that the best thing to do when someone is in trouble is to do nothing. He said he has seen thousands of cases where the people that have stepped in, saved a life and were sued. So what do you do? Help or let it go?

Mike from San Francisco called in who is a paramedic and said that he came upon an accident where a woman was bleeding to death in her car while approx. 15 people stood around chatting on their cell phone and not helping the woman, he got in there and was performing CPR when she died in his arms. He said it was horrible as he was yelling and asking for help but no one came to help.

12:00 Hour

Pay no attention to my grammar as I type...lol

Hello to all of the nooners that jump in during their lunch hour. We started the discussion with a student that received a low grade on a paper and his professor asked for "more smarter writing".

Perhaps we can give out free copies of School House Rock

People called in like mad on this discussion:

"Lemmie ax you something"
"and like then she goes"
"it's those ones"
"I'm fustrated"
"I feel disorientated."

Then we started discussing pre-nups and post nups after Nick decided to ask Jessica for spousal support.

We started discussing Travis Frey, the 33 year old man wanted for kidnapping his own wife and also child pornography charges - nice guy.Prior to getting married, he provided a pre-nup to his girlfreind that she refused to sign, that outlined her "wifely duties"

You can check out the entire sick document here.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Darian's Favorite Links

A lot of people were looking for some of the audio that Darian has been playing on the air. We've added them here!

Tom Cruise Locked in The Closet Video
A listener favorite - get it here

The Big Friday Showdown!!

10:00 Hour - Norm MacDonald

Well, as 5PM approaches and the Music bed draft grows closer, Darian is feeling the pressure. Marcus was playing a few of the bed music samples and Darian was choosing her favorites.

Norm MacDonald stopped by and quickly lightened the conversation with a discussion of death. Mike called in and said that it was ironic that Norm played the voice of death on The Family Guy and has an obsession with death.

You can catch Norm tonight and Saturday at The San Jose Improv.

Norm then went on to describe his trip where he and his friend went to join the army and he was asked if he had ever taken any drugs. Norm said "Oh yeah. I've done pot. Nothing stronger than that." The guy said "Well maybe I never heard you right. Lemmie ask you again. Have you ever taken any drugs before?" Norm thought to himself. "OK well now they want me to be even more honest. So I said - yeah I do pot."

11:00 Kevin Nealon Showed up and shared some time with Norm

They were discussing the days of SNL and playing the Weekend Update Newscasters. Both men paid homage to the other for their work at the anchor desk.

Kevin told a story about how Jennifer Anniston used to be a cute hostess at a restaurant he used to frequent.

High Noon

Wow, noon got here quickly. With Norm MacDonald, Kevin Nealon, and Michael Gerbart. The conversation was...well not really focused at all...Norm and Kevin spent a lot of time discussing poker and golf.

Jim in Sunnyvale called in and mentioned he overheard we had a show on Tamara Anne Moonier, the woman who claimed she was raped at gunpoint and filmed by a group of up to 6 men, then released.

You can read the original story here

Warning: the content of the story is very graphic. This woman was discussing things that would make a pornstar blush. By clicking on the link, you are assuming responsibility for following this link and are aware of the nature of the content. I AM OVER 18

Next we brought up a story about a woman that was given one year in prison after 18 felony counts of molestation on minors and was able to work during the day at her family's movie production company.

You can read the entire story here

A lot of callers chimed in on the discussion. Some claimed that 42% of all rape cases are false, some said that she got such an easy sentencing because she was a women, and others said it was her father's political connections that get her such a light sentence.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Patrice O'Neal Steals The Show!!

10:00 Hour
Patrice O'Neal is a maniac.

And I mean that in a good way. The show started off with a rendition of "Cheney's got a gun" as Patrice O'Neal entered the studio. Darian was teasing him for drinking a diet Dr. Pepper. Patrice chumped on her saying its because he's a diabetic.

The two had a blast butting heads over free speech, satellite radio and self-promotion.

Patrice kept her laughing through tears for the hour. You can see him at the Punchline Comedy Club on Battery Street. Vist the website here.

You can visit his personal webiste here.

11:00 Hour
We started discussing Scott Dyleski, the young man accusted of murdering Pamela Vitale. He was in court yesterday and evidence came up where a list that was discovered in his dresser drawer. The list appeared to be a cold, calculating list of the fate that Pamela Vitale would ultimatly meet.

The handwriten list that read "Knockout/kidnap, question, keep captive to confirm PIN, dirty work, and dispose of body (cut up and bury)"

The discussion opened up on whether or not at 17 if Dyleski can get the death penalty. Many people felt no sympathy for the young man and said that he should be death.

Mos Def has been ordered to pay 10K per month in child support. He's been paying 8K per month since it was ordered by the courts but has not been able to pay it all because he has three other children with another woman. Since he has been getting press for his new movie with Bruce Willis, his ex wife has been pressuring him for more money.

Darian stated that often times child support is used as a weapon by vindictive women as a tool to hurt their ex-husbands. Darian said that if a guy has to give a woman money every month for their children, she should have to provide recipts as to what she is spending the money on. It's only fair that the husband knows where the money is going...

Wow, this really got wild. A lot of bitter men and women called in with thier own stories to tell on this subject.

We also discussed that Kevin Nealon will be in the studio tomorrow and we will be visiting John London's Inferno at 5pm tomorrow for the music bed draft. If anyone has any MP3 files that they would like to send for us to use as bed music please email them along. freefm@darianotoole.com.

1:00 PM

We then got into the discussion regarding a website called www.manhaters.com a database where women can enter a profile on an ex boyfriend or husband where you can tell all, cheating, lying, you can say anything you want about these guys. The information is stored on the website and other women can search the site for your name and see what other women say about you.

What!? Only women would create a busy-body gossip website that requires no substantiation of the facts prior to posting anything on this website. I wonder if a man will ever sue for libel?

Many people called in with stories of women pointing the finger at them for things that they haven't done. Ron called in from Livermore, he had an injury on the job and a stroke, while he was healing, his wife was having multiple affairs and spending his disability money on other men.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney's Got A Gun

Good Morning! Chad here with the Darian O'Toole Show Blog.
10:00 Hour:
We opened the show discussing VP Dick Cheney and the hunting incident. Tempers flared as we discussed the merits of hunting today.

Not a surprise, people were divided on this like the gap in Madonna's teeth.

Many people who called in said that hunting is barbaric and unnecessary in the 21st century.

Other people called in and said that people who are poor use hunting as a way to feed themselves - poor people or in remote areas.

Nick in San Francisco called in and said that it's a way to control the animal population.

We then played a song entitled "Cheney's got a gun" You can download it here. Thanks to Bob Rivers for the song!

Wow, things really heated up on this conversation! It was a great discussion, but I fear that nothing was resolved...

11:00 Hour

We got into a discussion on a study that shows money doesn't buy happiness. It showed that people who had a larger income were more prone to depression, while people with lesser incomes were more satisfied with their lives.

Andrew in Marin called and said that money CAN bring you happiness, it can help you travel all over the world, you can improve your education.

Many of the callers believed that that the happiest moments in their life were when they were younger and poor; living a college lifestyle, drinking, partying and spending time with their friends.

Steve from Los Gatos called in. He was a tow truck driver that won the lottery. He said that he is set for life but wants to make sure his kids grow up and understand the value of a dollar and not be spoiled, he said he will make them go to school and learn to take care of themselves.

Jay in Berkeley called and said that money is am amplifier - if you are a good person, money can help you become a better person. If you are a bad person, money will make you a worse person.

Chad in San Jose said that money is not important when you are a young man because the women at that age don't have any money either, but as an older man, women expect you to have money.

High Noon
We got into a discussion about some cops in the mid-west that were visiting massage parlors undercover. They claim that they HAD to have sex with the women in the massage parlor in order to gather evidence to prosecute them.

Darian promised that she would do a show on bad cops. She's taken some flak from people claiming that she is one sided when she is discussing the police. So Darian decided to do a show on bad cops. The phones opened up with a lot of calls with different experiences.

Pam called in and said that she had a number of experiences with police and racial profiling, especially when she lived in Utah.

Dave in San Jose called in and said that in his experiences if you are honest with the cops and answer their questions, you will have less trouble with them and not be harassed.

Disoto called in. He's a black guy from Oakland who was young and came into some money and bought a Firebird. He was pulled over once for "looking like he was too young to own the car"

Jerry in Hayward was pulled over in his new Bronco. He was pulled over and the police ignored Jerry who was driving and asked his black brother in law what they were up to. The two men were going on a fishing trip. The police officer pulled the brother in law out of the car and ran a warrant check on him, turned out that he had a warrant outstanding from ten years back for fishing without a license...

A discussion came up...well not really a discussion but we were going over the music draft that will take place on the John London's Inferno this Friday at 5:00pm. Darian is looking forward to it although she has no idea what going on...

We then got into a new drug therapy that can prolong the life of patients with cancer. However, the drug companies want to charge 100 000 dollars a year for the drug treatment. Are they claiming it's for research and development? No, they are claiming that if you want to live, there is a great value for this drug. Sounds to me like they are ripping people off for profit.

Here is the story

We have a number of people calling in with issues with health care, with expensive meds for their children.

Jacob called in and said that on right winged radio staions they are always talking about the free market needing to be left alone and it will take care of itself, but in this case, it seems that he can't even celebrate the discovery of this new drug because he knows he will never be able to afford it.

We then discussed Dr. Frederick Banting, he discovered insulin in 1921. He could have been a millionaire one hundred times over, but he sold the rights for one dollar and saved millions of lives. Could you do this? Could you give away something that would make you a millionaire?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Bloody Valentine's Day

Hey everyone! It's Valentine's Day! Chad here, plugging away at the website. Here's today's Show:

We opened with a discussion on Valentine's Day with comedian Greg Behrendt. He's playing at Cobb's Comedy Club.


Here's a list of Greg's professional credentials:

Greg discussed his role in the movie Jerry Maguire, it was cut out but ended up in the deleted scenes on the DVD.

We then started discussing guys who are married with a girlfriend on the side and how they handle Valentine's Day. We've had a number of guys call in over the last few months that are unhappily married but don't want get a divorce because they are afraid to lose their house, their business, their kids, so they have a girlfriend on the side.

How do they handle Valentine's Day? Who do you choose to take with you on Valentine's Day?

Paul from Oakland called in and confessed that a few years ago he was the one that on Valentine's day spray painted Darian's Billboard a few years ago.

Guys started calling in with Valentine's Day ideas. Dan called in and suggested a really cheap way to make a great valentines gift is to make a few heart-shaped pancakes and put whipped cream and strawberries on it. Says it's great and cheap.

Aw, Doug in Mountain view called in and found out that his girl was cheating on him and found a guy that she called "A Better Catch" than he was. Ouch. She was also corresponding with an inmate in prison behind his back...oooooo

Jay in Berkley said that if you have a woman on the side, you can only lie to one of them - not both. You need to lie to one and let the other one in on what is going on for real.

Nate called in and promised a great story and delivered! He was living with a woman that was cheating him in his own bed! He's moving out at the end of the month but he bought a bunch of Valentine's Day gifts and left them out for her to see. She started to cry and ask "Where these for me?" He said they were for someone else...SNAP!


Welcome to all of our lunchtime listeners!

Wow, here is a story that really heated up the discussion. A woman walked into a police station claiming that she was kidnapped, raped by 6 men at gunpoint and videotaped.

Here's a link to the story:
Warning: the content of the story is very graphic. This woman was discussing things that would make a pornstar blush. By clicking on the link, you are assuming responsibility for following this link and are aware of the nature of the content. I AM OVER 18

Many of the callers felt that the punishment for the men if convicted of rape, kidnapping, assault etc., these six men could have ended up in prison for the rest of their lives - if she is convicted, she can serve up to six months. She went to a rape crisis center and took money, she wasted police time. She should have to serve the time that these guys would have served if they were convicted.

Many people called in with their own stories about being falsely accoused of a number of crimes. Wow! There are some seriously bitter women out there.

One O'Clock
Then we started discussing a story about a guy that was fired for playing a game of solitaire. A civil servant was let go when NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was visiting and saw it on the screen.

Jean in San Rafael loves to smoke some pot on the job. He installs phones for a living and actually fell asleep in someone's backyard with their dog.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Monday!

Not really, I hate Monday's.

We start the show off with a discussion on the Pamela Vitale case. Suspect Scott Dyleski was arrested after a tip to police by his best friend. This posed the question: What would your a close friend or a loved one have to do for you to turn them in?

Many of the callers said that they would turn in ANY loved one in the cases or rape, murder or child molestation.

There was a mixed view on white collar crimes, tax evasion and identity theft.

Several people called in about identity theft.

The discussion turned to a story about a 12 year old 6th grader who brought a bag of sugar to school for a science project - he was in the bathroom when two other students asked if it was cocaine. He told them that it was and then said "Just Kidding"

A janitor overheard the conversation and reported the student who was suspended from school and may be charged with a possessing a substance that "resembles an illegal substance"

The 12 year old could face up to five years probation if charged.

We then began talking about silicon chips that get implanted into employee's arms that would replace security cards. The callers were mixed on this but were on one side of the fence or the other.

We then got into movie manners. We were discussing a story about a woman trying to watch brokeback mountain and another woman was talking on her cell phone. She asked her to turn it off and placed her hand on her shoulder. The woman claimed that the touch was "invading her personal space" and called the police and pressed assault charges!

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Show!

Caroline Rhea started the show off, she'll be at Cobb's tonight. Check it out at www.cobbscomedy.com!

Darian reveals to caroline that she crashed her car this morning.

Wow, we are having a great discussion on the homeless situation here in San Francisco.

The oh-so funny Ricky Kalmon stops in to hypnotize the Free FM sales staff!

Andrew was convinced that he was a drunk traffic reporter and Darian was naked!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Axis of Evil!!

And for once it's not me...

These guys, Maz Jobrani and Aaron Kader are playing at The Palace of Fine Arts tonight. They are really funny guys and worth checking out!


Thursday, February 9, 8pm
San Francisco, CA
The Palace of Fine Arts
3301 Lyon Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

Sunday, February 12, 7:30pm
Santa Clara, CA

Avalon Nightclub
777 Lawrence Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95051

And on tomorrow's show:
We have the very funny Caroline Rhea
And hypnotist Ricky Kalmon


Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know what was coming up in the next few weeks.

I will be chatting with:
Norm MacDonald
Gilbert Godfried
Patrice O'Neil
Bob Saget
Richard Jeni

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back in The Bay!!

Wow! I gotta say I had a blast in LA, I had a great time, met a TON of really fun people, got to see U2, Madonna, Coldplay, The Playboy Bunnies...mmm ;)

Anyhow, thanks you all so much for your emails, Chad will be putting a few photos up on the website in the next day or so, check them out!

Also, I will be putting up some great moments on the podcasting section of www.1069freefm.com.


DMonster XOXO

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Darian is having a blast backstage at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. Today Darian caught up with Kato Kailen- host of the new courtroom tv show "An Eye for an Eye", Dennis Hoff- infamous owner of the Bunnyranch in Nevada, featured in the HBO series "Cathouse," the crew from Desperate Housewives, the cast of "Beauty and the Geek," and rocker Rick Springfield as well as many other guests and stars gearing up for the Grammy's!

Dennis Hoff offered Darian a complimentary visit to the Bunnyranch, as well as a meeting with the winning contestant in the Bunnyranch search for its newest girl! Chad, unfortunately, isn't invited!

Arnold-The Governator- stopped backstage to chat with Darian. You can take the Arnold out of Hollywood, but you can't take the Hollywood out of Ah-nold!

Missed the show today? Check out Darian's Grammy podcasts here!

Monday, February 06, 2006


Well here I am, backstage at the Grammy's as everyone gears up for the 48th Annual Grammy Awards on February 8th. I am so excited to be able to do my show live from backstage! Be sure to tune in to 106.9 Free FM this week to hear Chad and I running amuck in Los Angeles with all your favorite stars and check out the Free FM podcast page if you didn't catch my show today! I'll be bringing you all the insider info tomorrow, too from backstage at the Grammy's!